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19-12-2019 A Post-Brexit Europe in a New Decade

18-12-2019 The Hopes and Frustrated Expectations of COP25

10-9-2019 How Brexit Is Undoing Britain’s Political System

25-7-2019 The Iranian Effect on Europe and Brexit

11-7-2019 A Central Bank as the Symbol of Turkey’s Political Thriller

8-7-2019 Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council

28-6-2019 EU leaders will continue the nomination process for the heads of the EU institutions at a Special European Council on 30 June 2019.

27-6-2019 The Limits of European Influence in Palestine and Israel

27-6-2019 Turkey’s President Has Four Problems at the G20

26-6-2019 Europe’s Absence in the Middle East

19-6-2019 Democracy After the European Parliament Elections

4-6-2019 Time for Strong New EU Leaders

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