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Legal information of the foundation

Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: registration No. 51497735

ING-bank: NL77 INGB 0005 9953 68

VAT No.: Exempted

We are the eye-opener for the World of Today.

  • Don’t think, but do.
  • Stay firm on the Path of Ahle Sunnah.
  • Don’t be fool to fall in the trap of the politicians.  
  • Obey the Qur’aan and Sunnah.
  • Don’t fall into terrorism!

About Foundation NIRI

Foundation Noorani Islamic Research Institute is a non-profit and NGO organization in the City of Amsterdam.

The foundation Noorani Islamic Research Institute (NIRI) is assigned to the great grandmaster of Islam, Imam Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Qadri Razvi (may Allah be pleased with him). He advocated worldwide: “A system of virtuous steadfastness .... a political system of security and justice .... an economic system of justice and directives .... a spiritual system of meditative thinking and inner reflection and remembering of Allah .... and a social system of brotherhood.”


Goal realization by

We try to achieve our goals by training of Sunni Islamic thinking and Sunni Islamic faith. Providing advice to bodies, committees, and institutions of the representatives of Islamic organizations and solidarity non-Islamic organizations; forming (international) networks with related institutions and experts, organizing conferences and seminars, organizing debates in the media, or participating in public debates.

The foundation's assets will be:
• grants and contributions
• donations, legends, legacies, and
• All other acquisitions and benefits.


Global Network of Sufism

We try to achieve our goals by training of (Sunni) Islamic thinking, Sufism, and Faith.

We were invited and participated in International Sufi Conferences of: